Solar modules for photovoltaic plant

Solar modules with monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar cells of any kind.

Every pv module manifests itself through a special performance and different high power rates of the respective premium suppliers. Solar modules on the basis of mono- and polycrystalline silicon are most commonly installed . The outputs of mono- and polycrystalline modules are almost equal. It is said that the efficiency of monocrystalline modules is 15 - 20 % higher than for polycrystalline modules with 13 - 16 %. Therefore polycrystalline modules are often cheaper. Due to optical reasons modules with black anodised frame and black backside film are increasingly installed at the moment. Also used modules and b-Grade modules are supplied by us. We also offer thin film modules new and used or Low Power Modules with a low Cd/Te share.

cogelvar COGELVAR Solar is a polycrystalline solar module, which you can buy from the production line either Taiwan or European Union. Warranty for the modules is given by the manufacturer. Varus Energy is simply the sole distributor for this brand worldwide.The 60cell high performance module has an excellent positive power tolerance of 0/+5 Wp.The maximum snow load for this module is 8000 Pa. Highest stability through soft grip, Aluminium frame construction as well as a high quality socket and cable connector systems.

For this module you will receive a 12 year manufacturer’s warranty as well as 25 years manufacturer’s warranty for 85 % of nominal output. All documents like e.g. certificates can be received upon request. Unless fully registered, these modules are only available for European Union and not for Germany..


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